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Meerveil / Cat Scratching Tree




  • Hey, you should buy a cat tree with a 150cm high stand for me. This cat tree has four gradients for me to choose from. Otherwise, I always want to climb higher like the top of a cabinet, or the roof....
  • This hammock is so cute, and the hairy fabric is so comfortable, but you just know to tie a hammock in the yard and lying on it.
  • There are two soft and spacious platform that bai and I no longer have to squeeze into a small space.How does these woobies ? I’m willing to take it off for as a dessert on tonight.
  • Lying in this spacious room is so comfortable that I don't want to go out and run around any more. Also watching your movements from the inside small window.
  • It was like a palace, with large areas on the post where I wanted to scratch my claws. It is soft when lying on every where, just want to lie down and not move.



  • 5 floors
  • Total height: 145cm
  • Base dimension: 50 * 50cm
  • Number of posts: 3
  • Post diameter: 7cm
  • Basket to rest: 2
  • Cave: 1
  • Board thickness: 1.5cm
  • Item Weight: 16.5kg


Package Content:

  • Could accommodate several cats
  • 2 Large Platforms
  • 2 Small Platform
  • 1 Cave to rest
  • 3 bassinet to rest
  • 1 Product Instruction



  • The product smell is normal,but Please put it in an ventilative position for 2-3 days in your best.
  • Please assemble the product from lower layer to up.
  • Ensure each layer is tightened , then add the top layer one by one.
  • The number of applicable cats is the normal size, excluding some overweight cats.


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