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Meerveil / Cat Scratching Tree




  • Satisfy Cat Habits: Our cat tree is designed for the habits of the cat and offers the cat a place to scratch and grind teeth. The cat scratching tree protects your sofa, curtains and other furniture from damage caused by your cat.
  • Cat's Entertainment Venue : This cat Scratching tree can give your cat a play area. Even if you are busy with work, our cat tree can provide entertainment for your cat.
  • Special Production Materials: The special sisal meets can suit needs of scratching and grinding the cat and at the same time protects the inner column from damage. Comfortable down also looks nice, and easy to clean, no tingling or other discomfort.
  • Small and simple: The design of the matching cat column and floor ensures stability and is also space-saving. Simple components lat it very easy to install and remove.
  • Dimension: 30 × 30 × 43 cm, outer diameter of the column: 6 cm.



  • Color: grey
  • Product size: 30 × 30 × 43cm
  • Outside diameter of the column: 6cm
  • Product weight: 1 KG



  • The screws and other components used in this product are specially designed. If you replace the components yourself, the cat tree could not be installed or the accessories could be damaged.
  • Our product includes sisal. If you are allergic or uncomfortable with the above materials, please do not use.
  • This product is designed with the habits of most cats in mind. The habits and preferences of each cat are different. Please pay careful attention to your cat's habits and preferences, choose and buy the products that are suitable for your cat.
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